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Join the Active Wellness @ Work: 12 Week Fitness Challenge!

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PLUS in this 12 Week Series your employees will:
– Learn about optimal weight and body fat
– Learn about nutritious eating habits
– Learn about lean muscle mass
– Learn how to perform exercises with proper technique
– Track and measure their success
– Learn how to incorporate activity in the workplace
Each employee will need to purchase the Virtual Club Membership, a fitness tracker and a scale by clicking the fitbit link below.
Fitbit Logo - Affiliate Program fitness tracker and scale
Coed Groups forming seasonally.
The Challenge includes:
10 / 50 minute workout sessions including a group fitness assessment
– 5 / 25 minute virtual group meetings on healthy eating for weight management
– 2 / 15 minute (before and after) individual coaching sessions
– Before and after measurements, weigh-in and photos
– E-mail Support

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Our Personal training New Haven Exercise Programs give you the support of a coach on your journey towards an active lifestyle.

Friends and co-workers who exercise together, get fit together!

According to a new report from George Washington University School of Public Health Services it costs a woman $8,365 annually and men $6,518 to be obese, based on analyzed reports of lost productivity, medical expenditures and premature mortality. Americans are also spending 58 billion dollars on weight loss products and programs according to the American Dietetic Association. In Connecticut, more than 3,000 people die each year from obesity and its complications. In just one year, obesity-related health problems added $665 million in Medicaid and Medicare costs in Connecticut.

Active Wellness @ Work offers a solution. With different programs to choose from, you can select which one would best suit your organization.

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