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At Active Wellness, our exclusive fitness specialists will incorporate various exercise disciplines into your program.  Also, your exercise plan could be infused with various modalities based on your fitness goals.  In addition, these modalities may include Yoga, Pilates, Mixed Martial Arts, Cardio Kickboxing, Athletic Drills, Functional Weight Training, and Core Conditioning.  Furthermore, we work with all fitness levels and exercise capabilities to create world class exercise programs.  Our well trained, educated and experienced personal trainers have been developing their craft for nearly a decade.

Active Wellness is located in New Haven CT.  We proudly serve all of New Haven County including Woodbridge, Hamden, North, West and East Haven.  We integrate a new perspective of cutting-edge, performance-based functional personal training, merged with Positive Psychology Coaching and infused with spiritual principles for a truly holistic “Whole-Body” experience.  Therefore, our approach to fitness also incorporates mindfulness and breathing techniques.  Consequently, lifestyle, attitude, and behavior must all be aligned with physical exercise and a healthy diet for this synergistic integration of the Body/ Mind system.