Active Wellness On Fox News Explaining The Benefits Of Yoga!


What is Yoga?

It has been said that yoga opens the doorway to the present moment.  Yoga means union.  Generally yoga is defined as spiritual discipline which includes ethical principles, specific body postures or asanas, mindful breathing techniques and meditation.  It is typically practiced for well-being and relaxation.

What teaching style do you most enjoy?

We enjoy teaching hatha yoga.  Hatha yoga emphasizes the physical exercises or postures know as asanas.  These postures can help us to build endurance, balance, flexibility and strength.

Where does meditation fit in?

Meditation begins once we step on our mat and start focusing on our breath.  The moment to moment awareness of our breath carries us throughout our asana practice.  This awareness also helps us to notice our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations hopefully in a non-judgmental way.  We then get into a deeper meditation when we move into the final relaxation part of the practice called savasana.  During final relaxation time we can imagine a loving, kind light within our heart expanding to our entire body.  Then we can expand that light to our loved ones, community and even to people we have discord with.  Studies have shown that meditation can help us preserve our mind as we age, boost creativity and problem solving and help with anxiety and depression.

What is one ethical principle of Yoga?

Ahimsa — Non-Violence.  We can translate that into the positive need of compassion for all beings.

What is another benefit of yoga?

Yogic breathing has shown to be effective in reducing the stress response which can be helpful in preventing and managing heart disease.

How has yoga changed us?

Yoga has helped us become more mindful and present by connecting  to our body and our breath.  An “aha” moment came when we realized that we can meditate while we move.  We have incorporated that idea of mindful movement into all of our fitness programs so even if someone doesn’t like yoga they can get the benefits of mindful movement.

How do you respond to a student with an injury?

Before anyone begins a fitness or yoga practice we advise they consult with their healthcare provider especially if they have disease or injury.  We then apply any recommendations provided to us.  We also do a careful movement screen to assess for muscular imbalances and if we find them we address them though corrective exercise.

Have you ever taught pre-natal yoga?

Yoga can help enhance the heartfelt connection between the mom to be and their baby.  It is very helpful for the mom to be to stay connected to their body as it changes and to practice self-care on a regular basis.

We also work with seniors who want to improve their balance and flexibility through chair yoga.

Can you include yoga in your personal training sessions?

Yes!  Would you like to try more yoga?  Just ask.  Yoga can be woven throughout any personal training session by request.


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