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Christina Yaworowski


Christina Yaworowski became a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified (N.A.S.M) Personal Trainer in 2007 and a World Instructor Training School Certified (W.I.T.S) Personal Fitness Trainer in 2006.  She is also a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, (A.C.E) 2016.  Christina graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from Southern Connecticut State University.  She is an A.C.E Certified Group Exercise Instructor, A.C.E Certified Behavior Change Specialist, N.A.S.M Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, N.E.S.T.A Certified Personal Fitness Chef, Madd Dog Athletics Certified Spinning Instructor, a Balanced Body Certified Pilates Mat Instructor and a Certified Well Coach through American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M) partner WellCoach Corporation.  She also has the ASCM Exercise Is Medicine Level 1 Credential.  Christina has received her certificate of completion in Pre-Natal Personal Training from N.A.S.M, Reiki I, YogaFit Level I, II, III and IV(YogaFit for PTSD).  As well as YogaFit Kids and Anatomy of Yoga.  “I take an integrative approach to fitness.  We look at all aspects of your wellness, and then come up with a plan that is safe, effective and inspires you to create lasting change.”

Drew Lewis


Drew Lewis is an American Council on Exercise Certified (A.C.E.) Personal Trainer.  He became a Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer though the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (N.E.S.T.A) in 2009 and World Instructor Training School, (W.I.T.S) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in 2006.  Drew has completed the A.F.F.A Biggest Loser Pro Certification and the W.I.T.S  Children’s Fitness Specialist certification. He also has experience as a fitness manager at a corporate gym.  Drew graduated from Fairfield University with a major in Psychology (Concentration in Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry) and possesses an extensive knowledge about the anatomical and physiological aspects of the human body.  He also has his Yoga I certification, a certification in Mixed Martial Arts/Kickboxing from E.T.S. and an A.F.F.A Kickboxing certification.  He received his certification from American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M) partner – WellCoach Corporation to become a certified Well Coach.  Drew has received his certificate of completion in Pre-Natal Personal Training from N.A.S.M and Reiki I.  “Exercising gives me the vitality to live a fulfilling and dynamic life.  It is a pleasure to share my enthusiasm for fitness with my clients.”

Retail Boutique

Relax! Our fitness boutique is your one stop retail shop for exercise accessories, and bath/body products!

Personal Training

Your fitness program is designed for your body type and your physical needs.  Customize your program now!

Fitness Assessment

Exercise starts by declaring a powerful future. Your first step is to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment.

Supportive Environment

We provide a relaxed and judgement free space for all fitness levels.

Free Consultation

A complimentary laser call provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and see how we can work together.

Flexible Schedule

We understand how busy life can be, so we’re happy to work together to fit within your schedule.

Goal Setting

Helps you to create changes in your everyday life.  You are coached at your stage of readiness from a certified coach who will help you create and sustain a true lifestyle change.

Fitness Trainer Concierge

Need recommendations on exercise apparel, healthy food choices and other wellness products.  Our fitness concierge will help you get everything you need to start your journey!

Private Personal Training

Sessions could include corrective exercise, restorative yoga, power yoga, flow yoga, core pilates, cardio- kickboxing, running, assisted stretching, mixed martial arts, strength training, body weight training, medicine ball training, kettle-bell training, athletic agility training and bosu training.

Customized Training Programs

Your fitness program is designed for your body type and your physical needs.  You are systematically progressed until you reach your fitness goals.  We use mindful movements that link your movement with your breath to help you create a balanced mind, body and spirit.  We provide a private, non-competitive and supportive environment.

Corporate Wellness

Active Wellness is a trusted and respected fitness company that will challenge, motivate, mentor, and inspire your organization.

Wellness Coaching

Coaching is the process of working with a collaborative personal trainer in an empathetic and supported environment.

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“The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.” -unknown

Do you want to live a healthier life full of energy and vitality?  Do you desire to feel more confident and self assured?  Are you concerned about how to start?  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  Including us!  We utilize our empathy, compassion, experience and skill to help you get the results you need on your journey through fitness!

In 2004, as a new couple, we changed our lifestyle habits.  Happily we ate nutritious, fresh foods and drank plenty of pure water each day.  We enthusiastically exercised most days of the week and meditated regularly.  We focused on creating a faith filled life that would help inspire others to optimistically focus on being their best despite inevitable obstacles that might get in the way.  After experiencing and maintaining the benefits of living this uplifting, healthy lifestyle (losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, having more energy, feeling grateful and positive, improving our overall health, becoming stronger and more toned), we became eager to share our experience with others.  Together, we decided that helping others feel, look and be their best was our life’s work.  So we pursued a new career together in personal fitness training and wellness coaching.  We have been developing our craft since 2006 (credentials and education).

In 2007, we began working full time as personal fitness trainers in a corporate gym.  It was exciting to help people change their lives, lose weight, become more confident and achieve their goals  (fitness testimonials).  Our approach was sensible, sound, realistic and value driven.  We were able to help our clients tap into their deeper motivation to live healthier in all ways.  This approach of finding your intrinsic motivation is still a major tenet of our work and a founding principle of Active Wellness Personal Training and Coaching.

In 2009, the facility we were training at closed.  However, that didn’t halt our passion or stifle our commitment to our clients.  We believed it was our time to open up our own business and that is when Active Wellness LLC was born!  We have been in business since June of 2009.  Needless to say that was a memorable and patriotic 4th of July!  It has now been over 12 years since the start of our journey together and we couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to be of service in this way!

On August 10th, 2014 we joyfully married!

At Active Wellness we are always evolving to explore and discover new ways we can help you  lose weight, get active and be healthier (Exercise Programs).

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